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Praby Sodhi Tells Does Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Always Mean Dementia

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praby sodhi tells about MCI

MCI indicates a condition during which an individual’s thinking ability reduces. As one reaches the age of 65, it may develop. The dementia specialist, Praby Sodhi also known as Prabhi Sodhi, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi shares that mild cognitive impairment can be confused with a disorder. People may assume that it can always lead to dementia. However, this cannot be true in every case. To comprehend this, the symptoms and effects of both conditions should be seen. By doing so, the clarity of their relationship can also come to the surface.

Praby Sodhi Shares Mild Cognitive Impairment and its Symptoms

Understanding MCI is further possible by looking at its symptoms. They are of 2 types. Amnestic signs are among the first kind. They hint at problems related to memory. These problems can comprise the following:

  • An individual may not remember places.
  • He/she may not recall conversations.
  • A person can forget names.
  • Where things have been placed may become a challenge to remember.

The dementia specialist, Prabhy Sodhi says that mild cognitive impairment can also produce non-amnestic signs. They may not certainly relate to memory. However, they can show effects in the thinking abilities of patients.

  • It may become problematic to focus on something.
  • Not being able to follow directions is another effect.
  • Other thinking problems such as losing thoughts may appear.

Differences between MCI and Dementia

Based on the symptoms of MCI, it can be said that it is different from dementia. Hence, it may not be said with accuracy that both conditions are or mean the same. To comprehend this better, Praby Sodhi suggests that the differences between the 2 conditions should be looked at.

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On the Basis of Physical Challenges:

Mild cognitive impairment can cause difficulties that are less severe. During this, a person may experience problems while doing a task, traveling, or remembering. But when dementia takes place, problems can be severe and more in number, further says Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi.

  • When dementia occurs, a person may not be able to perform simple activities with ease.
  • Bathing, grooming, brushing, etc., can seem difficult.
  • Her/his personality can become unusual or different.
  • Balancing the body during dementia can become problematic.
  • Likewise, coordination issues can occur.
  • Falling frequently is observed.
  • Body tremors further indicate the severity of dementia.

As per Mental Issues:

Cognition-related issues appear when MCI starts to develop. Less often, an individual may not recall a certain date, event, or appointment. There may also be minor problems in becoming attentive. Contrary to this, a person with dementia can undergo severe problems. This is due to the greater effect of the disorder on mental health.

  • It would be challenging for a dementia patient to smoothly converse.
  • His/her behavior can become inapt as per a social environment.
  • The person may often repeat a question.

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare Mentions MCI and its Link with Dementia

Looking at the symptoms and effects, MCI may not always mean dementia. This does not indicate that these conditions are not related, adds Praby Sodhi. Those who are undergoing mild cognitive impairment can also develop dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease, later on. This can be true in the case of 10% – 15% of people.

It should still be remembered that the onset of MCI should not lead to the assumption that dementia will also develop. When the condition is medically monitored and treated, its aggravation can be prevented.

Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment

There are certain cognitive conditions that may not be fully treated. Or, the cure for them is yet to be obtained. The specialist, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare puts forth that experts may be working on the treatment of MCI.

Even though an assured cure may not be present, the symptoms can be treated. This treatment can also include medication to prevent dementia. Aside from this, doctors can suggest measures. They can help in managing mild cognitive impairment as well as improving it.

In Essence

While dementia is a brain disorder, MCI is a thinking-related condition. This condition may not always hint at the disorder. As per specialists like Praby Sodhi, however, both can share a link. When MCI develops, individuals should be cared for. They should also go for regular tests so that the development of dementia can be identified and treated.

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