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Keep Yourself One Step Ahead Toward a Healthy Life

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Maintaining a workout routine through and through is tricky, no matter how dedicated you are. Due to our busy lives, there are days when we miss our gym sessions. And keeping a healthy life has now become necessary. So, to save you from guilt, here are some ways to incorporate body movements into your routine whenever you miss your gym workout.

Things You Can Try When You Miss Your Gym Day

Say No to Lift

Do you miss your gym session? You must be busy at the office or planning a day out with friends. Then instead of using the elevator, use the stairs. I know you think that it’s a drag! But walking down 5 floors won’t kill you. So, using stairs is an excellent way of working out your body.

Take Your Dog Out For a Walk

If you miss your gym, this is the most exciting and fun way you can try. Due to our busy lifestyle, we often complain that we are not giving the time our pets deserve. And by taking your dog out for a walk, you can do both. Spending some fun time with your pet and making up for your missed training session. Moreover, you know how much dogs love to go out.

Plan an Outdoor Playing Session

Remember when we used to be kids? Playing outside in the evening was the best part of our day. Well, it’s time to get nostalgic if you want to keep yourself active. Plan an outdoor Playdate with your friends. It can be badminton, cricket or any game you and your friends are comfortable with.

Dancing for Fun

If you are a dancer, there can’t be any way better to keep yourself active and creative simultaneously. Practising dance for around 30 min- 1hr will utilise all the muscle strength. If done regularly, it will help you a lot in losing or maintaining your weight.

Exercise While Watching TV

While watching TV, don’t be a lazy bum and eat potato chips. Keeping yourself busy will help you avoid the urge to eat more. So, think of some easy exercises like squats, wall push-ups, leg raise etc. At the same time, watch your favourite web series. Doing cardio at home is the best option if you missed out on your workout session.

Park Your Car from your Office

Parking your car in a far-off part of your office is an excellent idea. In that case, you can take your time to walk down to your office and do some physical movement. You can avoid the weather and try other things if it is hot.

Using a bicycle for Your Work

Riding a long distance on a bicycle is complex. But that’s what makes it useful for your physical movement. Depending on a bike makes your muscles work effectively and increases flexibility. Not only that, it will help improve joint mobility, reduce stress and many other things. So, whether you missed your gym day or not, you can always try using a bicycle at any time.


Yoga is a friendly alternative to the gym; you can easily do this at home. It will relax your body and increase elasticity. Hence, try this at home if you feel demotivated to hit the gym and do a heavy workout.


You already know how good swimming is for your health. So, when you miss your workout, it’s a perfect excuse to leave your office a little early and try this amazing thing for yourself. Swimming on a hot summer day is the best experience you can have. It improves the flexibility of your body, builds strength, tones your muscles etc.

Clean Your Room

It may sound funny, but it works. Dusting, mopping and folding your clothes takes a lot of energy and strength from your body. Bending down and carrying things work out your body, thus helping you burn fat from your body. So, next time when your mom asks you to clean your room, don’t run away.


There can be many reasons that make you avoid your gym workout. But there are many simple ways you can try to keep yourself active and healthy. Now exercise is less about a slim figure and more about physical health. So, if you missed your workout, don’t worry and try these methods to support your physical health for the day.

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