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How To Clean Solid Wood Furniture?

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It is well known, wooden furniture is the strongest and most durable. Provided however that they are maintained as it should be! And yes, they require attention and regular maintenance to maintain their resistance and longevity properties as much as possible. This natural material does not like water very much, we often hesitate how to care for and protect it. We guide you here to know exactly how to maintain your solid wood furniture.

Basic Gestures for Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep your wooden furniture for a long time is to carry out regular cleaning so as to maintain the aesthetic appearance of this material. Dust them routinely with a microfiber cloth for gentle maintenance. Do not use an abrasive sponge or lint-free cloth which could damage or leave marks on the surface of the wood.

Also, some precautions and rules must be observed:

  • Avoid liquid spillage. In the event of an accident, sponge quickly to prevent the wood from absorbing the liquid and leaving a stain.
  • Be sure to protect them against any form of heat: a radiator that is too close, too much exposure to the sun, the deposit of a hot teapot or the placing of a hot plate on the wood, for example.

A Specific Treatment According To the Finish

Each wood finish requires special maintenance. An oiled solid wood bed is not treated   like a waxed wood sideboard, for example. Here is a little guide to be sure not to go wrong. 

Clean waxed wood furniture

Thanks to its protective effect, the wax makes it very easy to maintain waxed wood furniture such as sideboards, dressers, cupboards or chests of drawers…Like all other furniture, remember to dust it regularly. We advise you to polish your furniture at least once a year with beeswax preferably. Do not exceed 2 waxings per year, in order to prevent the wood from becoming clogged, resulting in less shine. Shoe polish is a simple gesture, it must be applied to a dust-free surface. We do not recommend the use of waxes containing silicone and rather use liquid composition products instead of aerosol products. Applying a shoe polish tends to change the color of the wood.

Clean lacquered wood furniture

Lacquered wooden furniture requires the greatest care because lacquer is a very fragile material which gives a nice shine and a modern style to your interior. Avoid even more abrasive products (solvent type). The lacquer is easily scratched, so it must be cleaned gently. This is why it is recommended to make circular gestures and gently. The best is to use a micro-fiber cloth, dampen it with water and a few drops of white vinegar. After cleaning, immediately dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

Clean raw wood furniture

Furniture in natural or raw wood is very trendy for the authentic and ecological aspect it gives to your interior decoration. However, it is a little more vulnerable precisely because there is no protective layer to reinforce it and protect it from external aggressions. However, it can be maintained regularly with a toothbrush, hot water, and black soap or Carnuba milk.

As its name suggests, raw wood means that it has not been treated with wax or oil for example. You can therefore very well carry out the treatment yourself. It will first be necessary to apply a hard base coat; this prepares the wood to receive a finish by blocking the pores of the wood and facilitating the attachment of the finish. Once this is done, you can then wax, oil or stain your furniture.

Clean varnished wood furniture

According to Homary, painted wood is a hit in contemporary interiors, bringing pretty colors while retaining the charm of solid wood. After dusting, its maintenance can be done with a well-wrung sponge and hot water. Dry instantly with a clean, dry cloth. Linseed oil can also be applied to a soft cloth to restore its shine.

Clean varnished wood furniture

Teak garden furniture is on the rise. They are highly sought after for the exotic and authentic spirit they give onto a terrace. Although very resistant, the question arises of their maintenance. Indeed, over the years, teak wood grays naturally. To slow down this natural process, you can apply teak oil with a brush and then wipe off with a cloth at the beginning and end of the season. The maintenance will be repeated the following season after a light sanding with 120 grit paper, to give the teak an elegant patina. It is also recommended to store this furniture under cover during the winter season. For more information, see our article on the maintenance and cleaning of teak garden furniture to know the different steps.

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