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Australia is Being Served By American Full-Size Trucks 

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ford f 150

The rise in popularity of American full-size trucks, which the Australians used to make fun of us for driving, is surprising. Utes are enormous, as anyone who is familiar with the history of the Australian auto industry can attest. They are a mix between a car and a truck, like the Chevy El Camino or Ford Ranchero, but they aren’t quite what Americans would call pickups. But now that Holden and Ford Australia are no longer making classic Utes. Australians who want a practical vehicle must choose pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

Ford, F-150 or Chevy Silverado 

Some people on the island country still agree with the notion that these “giant” American vehicles are impractically enormous. However, let’s be honest: in the majority of American urban centers, they are too difficult to utilize on a regular basis.

A Ram, Ford, F-150, or Chevy Silverado were not made to support life like that. The American vehicles are prized assets for Australians who need a vehicle with the size and capabilities that such trucks provide. 

Ram and Chevrolet 

Ram and Chevrolet both began factory-backed remanufacturing programmers for the Australian market about five years ago. This was a test to see if such vehicles would be popular with Australian customers.

Despite the high expense of the conversion process, both trucks showed strong year-over-year sales growth. 

The Silverado HD 

GM began selling the Silverado HD line in Australia in November 2021, despite the fact that the Silverado 1500 is already available there. The stated towing capacity, which is about double that of the smaller diesel trucks now on the market in Australia, astounds Australians and gives them access to some pretty incredible capabilities.

In the former Holden Specialty Vehicles Victorian factory, HD vehicles are converted to right-hand drive just like the Silverado 1500. The Silverado HD at least has some luxuries, such as heated leather seats, at a starting price of $144,990 AUD (about $82,572 USD). 

Australian market 

The existing Ram 1500 blasted into the Australian market in May 2021. The vehicles are created in the United States and then transported to Australia where a Stellantis plant converts them to right-hand drive. Sadly, Australians are used to paying high prices for their vehicles.

Of course, that modification, the shipping, and other government-imposed levies mean the Ram 1500 isn’t cheap. The Laramie trim, for example, begins at $114,950 AUD, or about $82,587 USD. 

Many Australian enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the TRX, which will, however, arrive in the future. 

Stellaris began offering the 2500 and 3500 HD models in Australia in September 2021 thanks to the Ram 1500’s reasonable success there.

This just serves to illustrate how helpful the 2500s and 3500s can be once Australians or anybody else gets a taste of what the 1500s can do. For 2500/3500, only the Laramie and Limited are currently available. 

F-150 to Australia 

Most Americans probably don’t know that selling the full-size truck in Australia is nothing new for the Blue Oval. In actuality, it has only been absent from that market for around 15 years, even though at that time it wasn’t competing with local rivals.

Although the exact date of Ford’s return of the F-150 to Australia is unknown, we believe it will happen as soon as possible. 

Toyota Tundra an American truck 

Calling the Toyota Tundra an American truck is highly contentious among Americans. Despite it having its base in Japan, Toyota solely markets the Tundra in North America. With the Silverado, Ram, and F-150 all moving to Australia, it only seems natural that there are whispers that Toyota is considering doing the same thing. To Australians, it is unmistakably an American car.

Toyota may be concerned that it won’t be able to compete in the lucrative full-size truck market there, which offers high-profit margins. Prestige, given that it is the best-known car brand in that country. 

It’s really truly amazing that Australians are adopting full-size American pickups in significant numbers. Signaling a change in the market and cultural standards. 

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