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After 18 Months of Wait China Permit Visa for Indian Professionals

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The Chinese Embassy has declared that Indian professionals can apply for visa in China. After almost 2 years of ban due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Indian professionals and families hold their careers in China for too long.

What Chinese Government Decided for The Indian Professionals?

The Chinese Embassy in India updated the visa policy between India and China on Monday. The visa restrictions imposed by Beijing have come to an end. From now on, people from all professional fields can start working in China.

The Indian Government has agreed to take this decision for Indian professionals because of their requests. To the external affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, they could reunite with their relatives in China and continue their profession without any trouble.

There are many countries at the moment that have opened their doors to other citizens of the country for tourism and education. But in the case of China, it is different. All activities of citizens from outside the country have been suspended for the time being. Due to the possibility of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

This same request has come from many students, but it is not possible to support this request at this moment. This visa upgrade is only available for Indian professionals and their families, including parents, spouses, children, siblings, grandparents, etc. The update only allows the prominent family members of professionals. Members who are working in China start their living out there.

Apart from that, people who are residents of China or relatives of Chinese residents or have a Chinese permanent house permit in China can apply for a visa. But visas for travelling to China or for personal purposes are still restricted.

What Has the Chinese Government Decided About the Students?

In the case of student difficulties, as we know, stuck students from India and China have many restrictions on their return. After a lengthy representation from India in April, China allowed some stranded students to return to India. And asked the Indian embassy to collect details of the students wishing to return.

For this reason, medical or other students stuck in India studying in China are not allowed to return to China. And have by the Chinese Embassy. asked to stay in their own country

About What Issues is China Concerned?

Currently, more than 12,000 students have appealed to the Chinese Government to return to China. The Chinese Government has not yet come up with a solution to the issue, and they have yet to reach a decision.

If citizens from abroad return to China to pursue a career or education, there is a potential chance of increasing covid-19 cases. And that’s why Beijing is so cautious and restrictive. Thus, the Chinese Government is trying to do it in small steps without taking significant risks.

By allowing only working professionals to enter China, the Chinese Government wants to see if there is an increase in their covid-19 cases. If the results of this survey are positive, they may think of going ahead. The number of students from abroad is much higher than the number of working professionals. There is a risk to letting them enter the country on the go.

What is the Method of Transport Available?

As we know that Indian professionals will be able to apply for visas through the Chinese embassy. But no update or release of information about when the flight facility between the two countries will be effective.

But soon we will be able to find out the details through a meeting or press conference. And that the long wait for Indian professionals will end.

What Was China’s Reaction to Different Counties?

In some friendly countries, the government allows students to return to their home countries, like Pakistan, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. And many Indians have petitioned the Indian External Affairs Minister to return to the country.


Many stranded Indian professionals are in various cities in China. Such as Beijing and Shanghai, due to the Covid pandemic. They have not had the opportunity to visit their loved ones for two years. But, with time, the communication between China and India will solve the issue very soon. So, no more worries the long wait is about to be over. And China’s efforts to grant visas for Indian professionals are being supported as a first step.

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