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A Complete Guide for Resolving the QuickBooks Error 1603

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QuickBooks error 1603

Are you having trouble updating or installing QuickBooks? Do not worry, we have come up with this blog to give you some easy solutions. You get QuickBooks error 1603 if there is any issue updating or installing QuickBooks. We understand that QuickBooks errors might cause an interruption in your work as it will not allow QuickBooks to open. This error pops up with two error messages. If your QuickBooks installer is corrupted or damaged, then also there are chances that you might encounter this error. Stay calm if you run into a problem after installing QuickBooks and cannot complete the installation due to this error. We bring you the right solutions to rectify error 1603 in QuickBooks.

To resolve the QuickBooks error 1603 and get one-to-one assistance, you can directly call on 1.855.738.2784. We will make sure to eliminate the error for you quickly. Our team of experts comes up with the right and easy solutions for eradicating errors.

Let Us Look At How to Get Rid Of the QuickBooks Error Code 1603

By now, you must have understood why this QuickBooks error comes up. We have come up with the right solutions to fix the QuickBooks Desktop error 1603. You might have heard of the QuickBooks tool hub, which helps fix many errors quickly and in no time. These are easy step-by-step guides for getting rid of this QuickBooks error. Follow them to get rid of the error 1603.

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Solution 1: Use the Install Diagnostic Tool

To use this tool, you can download the QuickBooks tool hub. It can help in diagnosing if there is any error and can also help fix it easily.

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks tool hub.

  • Close QuickBooks
  • Download the QuickBooks tool hub
  • Now go to downloads
  • Tick on the terms and conditions column
  • Complete all the on-screen instructions
  • As the installation ends double, click on the downloaded file to open it
  • If you have a pre-installed version of the QuickBooks tool hub, you can check its version
  • Go to the home tab and see the version written at the bottom

Step 2: Take the help of the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

  • Open the QuickBooks tool hub
  • Now go and select the installation issues
  • Then tap on QuickBooks installation diagnostic tool
  • Let it run. It might take a few minutes to run completely
  • As soon as it finishes, you can restart your computer

Solution 2: You Can Try Updating Your Windows or Installing QuickBooks Again

Step 1: Updating windows

  • You can try updating your windows, too, if you want to get rid of the QuickBooks error 1603
  • As the update ends, you can restart the computer
  • Check if you can open QuickBooks without seeing any error
  • If you cannot install the QuickBooks file, you can install it again by following the steps below

Step 2: Installing QuickBooks desktop again

  • Download the QuickBooks
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Keep following the instructions you see on your computer
  • Move next by accepting the software license agreement
  • Then tap on next
  • Keep your license and product number handy so that you can enter them here
  • After entering the number, click on next

After installing QuickBooks, you have two options while installing it.

Express install

  • Tap on express and then click on next
  • Then select install
  • As it finishes, open QuickBooks now

Custom and network install

  • Go to custom and network options and then tap next
  • Select one option that describes your QuickBooks use
  • Then go to change the install location
  • Now select the location where you want to save the QuickBooks folder
  • Tap on next and start installing the QuickBooks
  • As it finishes, you can open QuickBooks

Now activate QuickBooks desktop

  • Open your QuickBooks
  • Go to the help menu
  • Tap on activate QuickBooks desktop
  • Keep following the steps coming on the screen to verify the information

Solution 3: Take the Help of a Selective Startup

Step 1: Start by switching to a selective startup

  • Press together Windows + R, and the run command will open up
  • Type msconfig and then click on ok
  • Go to the general tab
  • Select selective startup and load system services
  • Look for the services tab and then click on hide all Microsoft services
  • Click on disable all
  • Remove the tick from hiding all Microsoft services
  • Search for windows installer from the list of services
  • Then tap on ok
  • At last select restart

Step 2: Reinstall QuickBooks desktop

  • Press Windows + R
  • Then run command will open up
  • Write msconfig and then tap on ok
  • Go to the general tab, tap on normal startup
  • Click on ok
  • At last select restart

Solution 4: Manually Fix the Files

Step 1: Repair the microfost.net framework

  • Open the start menu
  • Browse the control panel in the search box, and it will open up
  • Move to programs and features
  • Tap on uninstall a program> turn windows features on or off
  • Find the .net framework
  • Check if the box is ticked or not
  • If no, then tick on it and tap on ok and restart the computer
  • If yes, turn it off, click on ok, and restart the computer
  • When you sign in back, follow the same steps to turn on the .net framework

Step 2: Repair the Microsoft MSXML files

Steps for the 64-Bit operating system

  • Go to the windows start menu
  • Write cmd
  • Then right-click on cmd and tap on the run as administrator
  • Look for C: then enter cd\windows\syswow\64
  • Type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll and then click on enter
  • Now you can install QuickBooks

Steps for the 32-Bit operating system

  • Open the run command (Press Windows + R)
  • Again type cmd
  • Click on enter
  • Write regsvr32 MSXML.dll and then click on enter
  • Try installing QuickBooks now

Try to adjust the security settings manually.

Adjusting the security settings manually will allow your QuickBooks to update. Follow the steps to do it manually:

  • Login as administrator on your pc
  • Then click on start
  • Write gpedit.msc and tap on enter
  • Go to computer configuration and select administrative templates
  • In the list, click on window components
  • Then click on the windows installer
  • Move to prohibit user installs and click on it
  • Tap on not configured and click ok

If your “prohibit user installs” is enabled, it restricts the installation, resulting in error 1603 in QuickBooks. This might help in getting away with the QuickBooks error 1603. However, always remember that having an updated version of QuickBooks is integral for its smooth functioning.


We understand that this QuickBooks error 1603 might get on your nerves and could be frosting for you to handle. It also stops your access from the QuickBooks application, which might cause workflow problems. That is the reason our team is available to help you get out of such problems with easy solutions. Reach us for the error 1603 related queries on 1.855.738.2784.

We hope we have provided you with enough solutions to try one or the other way to rectify this error. But if you still face this error, remember that our customer support team is just a call away. To help you get rid of QuickBooks desktop error 1603.

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