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6 Expert Tips to Exercise in Hot Summer Days and Heatwave

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6 expert tips to exercise

Sticking to the workout schedule in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees requires real motivation. Moreover, exercise in a humid climate can impact health.

 The extra sweating drains one out of energy. Reaching gyms drenched in sweat invites bacteria. While not many cherish the idea of a home gym, running feels unbearable in the scorching sun. The weights one generally lifts in the gym feel heavy and sweaty.

But does weather completely impact workout sessions? Or is it just a mere conception?

How can one increase the potential to work out in a sweaty climate?

The blog states effective ways to work out in summer and heatwave.

Why is it Hard to exercise in Summers?

As per HCA, sports medicine’s head, “25% energy is used only for the movement and the rest 75% for production” In summer, one loses more energy than in winters. Running in the blazing heat in summers is extremely difficult, and the excessive heat pressures the cardiovascular muscles to work hard.

The body is clever and sends blood to circulate throughout the skin. Less blood in muscles leads to a higher heart rate, and humidity increases body temperature and puts more stress on the body.

Please do not push your body hard, as the brain works extra to concentrate on more than one aspect at a time; the body also finds maintaining the temperature and metabolism challenges.

You can apply for loans from a direct lender to conduct an overall health checkup, and it will help you analyze the right workout routine as per your body vitals.

How Do Ensure Smooth Workout Sessions in Summer?

Exercising in excessive heat can help you encounter several heat conditions like- exhaustion, dehydration, heat stroke, etc. These can downgrade your health and impact your fitness goals. Here is how one can ensure a safe workout session amid the scorching sun.

Choose either day or night to exercise

 To skip heat, it is ideal for making an early morning exercise routine. For this, individuals must change their clock to 5-6 am. It will help you avoid heat and ensure muscle stimulation. Or else, set up a night routine.

It is not only cooler then but ensures a better sleep cycle. Overstressing your body can breed diseases that may hamper your fitness life for a good time. You would want that the least.

If you are not an early bird or find waking up in the morning impossible, you can stick with a night workout schedule.

Keep your body hydrated

A strenuous and vigorous workout session increases body sweating. The increased heat proceeds in sweat. Loss of sweat and essential salt from the body impacts body energy levels. 

Thus, as experts put it, “An individual must consume 250 ml water before starting the workout session and 300 ml after that. It not only helps maintain salt concentration in the body but keeps energy levels high. Drinking water in scheduled durations also prevents dehydration.

A sports person or fitness trainer, or practitioner advises one to consume at least ten glasses of water a day. The reason is – Electrolytes, sodium, calcium, and magnesium all play crucial roles in maintaining fluid balance, muscle function, and nerve function in the body.

Avoid exercising in “DANGEROUS” weather

While you may feel lazy enough to get walking in the sun leaving your air-conditioned room, it is important. Prolonged exposure to heat conditions- can be risky for the body.

If the temperatures in the UK exceed 35 degrees, it is ideal to switch your exercise routine. You can instead work out in the dark in that case.

As per studies, “heat impact women the most than men in the UK. It is due to their low aerobic power and body fat.”

So, it is okay if you do not feel like walking out in the harsh heat. You can skip the workout session for that day.

Reduce the workout session duration

If you have no option but to exercise in the heat, reduce the workout hours. The more your body remains exposed to the sun, the more you will feel out of energy.

So, if you suppose to work out for 2 hours, reduce it to an hour in the summer. It will not only save you from harmful heat impact but help you maintain exercising schedule too. In this way, you can reduce the exposure to heat by 50%.

Another way to reduce heat exposure is to split the workout sessions. You can exercise for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the night/evening. It will help you reduce exhaustion and ensure muscle flexibility.

Include foods with Electrolyte content in your day

To ensure swift workout sessions, you must include high-water content food in your diet. Electrolytes help maintain PH levels in your body and keep the body hydrated. Consuming good composition of electrolytes is crucial for your body. Some common electrolytes include:

  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sodium

These carry electric charge when dissolved in the body and get their name at electrolyte. These are critical for a body and take many forms. The Daily Recommended Value (DRV) depends on the age, gender, health, and body vitals of a person. Here are some common sources of electrolytes:

  • Pickle juice
  • Spinach
  • Dried Apricot
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Legumes

One must include these in the diet chart. It will not only help maintain muscle weight and mass but balances the overall body vitals of a person.

Find Shaded Areas to Workout

It does not imply dropping the plan if you cannot work out in the sun. You can instead search some shady areas nearby. It will help one complete heavy-weight body work out easily. If you do not want to miss your gymming, seek a cool place for squats, walking and push-ups, and plank rotations. Beginners can start with ten repetitions of each, while experienced may do 15.


Despite the conditions, it is all about showing a bit of compassion towards your body. Exercising in the sun can over-pressurize your heart muscles. Thus, keep it light in the summers. The above tips will help you maintain exercise sessions without over-stressing your body.

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